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Do I have to go to the Dealership for Regularly Scheduled Maintenance?

Car owners whose vehicles are still under warranty are often concerned that taking their vehicle to a non-dealership mechanic for regularly scheduled maintenance or services may void the terms of the agreement. Well, we at Autohaus are here to assure you that it will not. You see, automakers and dealerships are not allowed to force […]

5 Tips for Saving Money on Auto Repairs

You don’t have to be a Handy Andy to save on auto repairs. That is to say that doing your own auto repairs is not the only way you can reduce auto repair costs. In fact, with today’s high-tech vehicles and all their intricate components it is not a very good idea to attempt a […]

Is it ok/safe to drive my car with an exhaust leak or issue?

Your car’s exhaust system is comprised of a catalytic converter, two oxygen sensors, one or two mufflers, and a tail pipe. What all does it do? It helps route harmful fumes away from the engine and passenger cabin, it converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, and it reduces engine noise. Some common signs of exhaust […]

Can you replace only the Brake Pads and not the Rotors?

Because brakes are such an essential part of a vehicle’s operation, every mechanic – be he/she a DIYer or a professional – should take servicing these life savers seriously. However, this does not mean that there aren’t some people who are willing to take shortcuts when it comes to replacing/serving this vital safety component. What […]

BMW Repairs You Should Not Attempt on Your Own

There are easy fixes that nearly anyone who owns any kind vehicle can do and probably should know. These BMW repairs include fixing a flat tire, filling up the windshield wiper reservoirs, checking and/or changing oil, etc. However, modern cars are very sophisticated machines and the BMW is among the most complicated kinds of car […]

Stay Safe this Holiday Season!

Your safety is important to us. We want to make sure your vehicle is prepared for your holiday travels, so we are offering the following discounts on repairs and maintenance! $15 off vehicle service of $100 – $249$25 off vehicle service of $250 – $499$50 off vehicle service of $500 – $749$75 off vehicle service […]

Fall Car Care Specials!

Boo! Up through Halloween we are offering spooky savings on car repairs and maintenance. Now is a great time to get those recommended repairs done before the holiday rush. Call to schedule an appointment: 248-549-3636 or request an appointment on line *Expires October 31, 2018. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Restrictions apply. Print or […]

Hit a pothole lately? Get it checked out today!

Have peace of mind with our limited time safety inspection special to check for suspension issues, as well as overall safety issues. We are also offering a coupon good for any service or repair. When you drive through potholes, it does more than damage tires. The metal wheels can be bent or damaged, wheel alignment […]

Five tips to prepare your car for winter:

sNOw IS HERE! Just kidding, we love the snow… …but before Jack Frost settles in for the long haul, here are a few things you should do to make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold season. 1. Check your battery: Cold weather is very harsh on your battery. When those temperatures drop, starting […]

Brake Service

Brake components for German cars have changed quite a bit over the past decade but the basic principals are still the same. Back when automobile manufacturers cared less about weight, fuel economy and performance, brake components were built to be heavy and strong. The excessive mass of the rotors allowed room for them to be […]