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BMW is known for its luxurious cars and top-of-the-line design. Our ASE-Certified technicians at Autohaus in Royal Oak, Michigan, understand how these cars work and how to keep them running. BMW was founded in 1916, and they started out making aircraft. They turned to making cars during the 1920s. Since then, the carmaker has become widely popular and well-respected around the world. Our first-class team of mechanics is knowledgeable in all aspects of BMW vehicles, whether you need preventative maintenance or specific repairs.

  • Expert auto repair and service since 1970
  • Friendly service and competitive pricing
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Full service auto repair and maintenance with warranty
  • Specializing in AUDI, VW, BMW, MINI, MERCEDES, PORSCHE
  • We have the latest diagnostic equipment and tools to properly service your German car

European Car Specialists

We have the latest tools and diagnostic equipment to properly service your German car.

Save Money

We are your alternative to the dealer! Our repairs are competitively priced to keep money in your pocket.

Stress-Free Financing

Paying for car repair is easy! Apply for a Bosch Credit Card and enjoy:

  • No Annual Fees
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • No Interest for 6 Months

Safety Inspection

Your safety is our #1 concern, which is why we perform a visual, 20 pt safety inspection on every vehicle.

Factory Maintenance

Our ASE certified technicians perform factory recommended maintenance. We keep service records to ensure that your vehicle is up to date.


BMW makes a variety of models, ranging from SUVs to race cars. Their design is immediately associated with luxury. Like any vehicle, though, they do need repairs from time to time, as well as routine and preventive maintenance.

BMW has some issues that commonly arise with their cars. BMWs can often be susceptible to oil leaks. The valve gaskets on the car are easily worn down, causing the leak. Our shop can easily repair this issue and get you back on the road. Steering wheel vibrations are often reported, too. The rubber units in the cars experience greater wear and tear.

BMWs overheating is a typical consumer complaint, and faulty tail lamps often plague BMW owners. An issue with the tail lamps will send a trouble code to your vehicle’s computer, causing the light on the dash to come on. Our team here at Autohaus can find the problem and fix it quickly. If you’re experiencing any of these common problems with your BMW, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your car to determine the cause and best course of repair.

Whether you are experiencing one of those common issues or another, our ASE-Certified mechanics are fully equipped to tackle the problem at hand. We can repair all of your car’s systems, including suspension and steering, brakes, and the transmission. We can also perform all the necessary routine maintenance to keep your BMW in top condition. Our shop is stocked with the latest diagnostic and repair equipment. For all BMWs, we use the best OEM and German parts, but will also work with you to fit your budget. To give you further peace of mind, each repair comes with a two-year/24,000 mile nationwide warranty including roadside assistance.


We offer nothing but the highest quality BMW repair services here at Autohaus in Royal Oak, Michigan. Our technicians are ready to handle any repair or maintenance your model needs. Bring your car to our shop located on 4411 Delemere Boulevard at the first sign of trouble or just for routine maintenance.

Calling and scheduling an appointment with us is easy. Call us at 248-971-7789. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have. Our friendly and professional staff will guide you through the entire repair process. They can also explain the financing options and specials that Autohaus offers customers. Come see us anytime you need BMW repair.

New Customer Special

Full Service Auto Repair:

  • General Maintenance including factory recommended maintenance, oil change, coolant exchange, transmission service, DSG service, brake fluid flush and more
  • Braking system repairs and service, including brake pads, brake discs, calipers, parking brake, e brake and more
  • Pre-Purchase inspections
  • Computer system diagnostics
  • Transmission service and repair
  • Engine service and repair
  • Steering and suspension repairs
  • Exhaust system repairs
  • Electrical system diagnosis and repair, including battery, alternator, starter, control modules and more