Our Customers Say It Best

Brant Beck

December 1680275048

Autohaus has a great and friendly staff. They worked through all my issues with my Audi to get it fixed. In this, they provided me with the best options and alternatives that suited me as the customer to the fullest. I appreciate their help and would recommend their services to anyone.

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Dan Ruth

December 1677515754

Adam and the team at Autohause did a great job on my 2005 E320 4matic! From brakes to a new drive shaft, they helped keep one of my favorite cars safe and on the road.

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Mrs Wright

December 1671370488

Ladies, let me be the first to tell you it’s A-OK!! Of course we know women get taken advantage of almost every time they go to the mechanic! It’s one of the scariest things to do next to taking your son to the barbershop. Adam was such a big help. I mean I didn’t worry about anything... at first! I brought my GLK350 in for misfiring. I had a diagnostic done at Auto Zone prior so I had an idea of what I needed. I called Thursday morning and unfortunately couldn’t drop my car off unt... Read More

Kelley Kling Black

December 1673889341

Our car had carbon buildup and stopped running on the expressway. Lori was amazing and helped us work out the appointment details and estimate request. Adam was prompt in getting us a quote before our car arrived and kept us up to date on the car status throughout the service. Between Lori and Adam's assistance, we felt confident in our choosing Autohaus for our car needs. It was a great experience and the car was even cleaned and washed for us. What a nice surprise! The pricing was per... Read More

Jeff Plachta

December 1672230899

Autohaus provides reliable quality car repair services with good prices. We trust them with both our Audi Q7 and Q5. We've been going to them for over 3 years for all our car maintenance. We also bought our cars from them - and they have both been excellent vehicles.

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