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Vacuum Door Lock Failure

Have a Faulty Vacuum Door Lock? Trust Your Luxury Car to Our Mercedes Repair Experts Understanding Mercedes Vacuum Door Lock Failure Mercedes cars are exceptional luxury vehicles. However, like any other state-of-the-art model, Mercedes cars can experience their own fair share of potential problems, including vacuum door lock failure. So, how can you identify this […]

Preparing for Holiday Road Trip

As your local Mercedes repair Michigan provider we can’t encourage you enough to start early when it comes to checking your vehicle prior to your holiday travels. The last thing you want to do is get your car all packed and ready to go and realize that there is an underlying issue you should have […]

Don’t Get Stranded this Winter!

Bring your Audi to our service center in Michigan. If you’re a proud owner of an Audi in Michigan, you know how important it is to keep your vehicle in top condition. With winter here, now is the perfect time to bring your Audi to our service center in Michigan. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure […]

Do You Have Steering Issues?

Steering Issues? We’ll Get Your Porsche On the Straight and Narrow Steering Problems All Porsche Drivers Should Know About For almost a century, drivers have fallen in love with Porsche’s high-performance vehicles. But while these luxury vehicles offer supreme power and opulent comfort, they can still suffer from wear and tear. All Porsche drivers need […]

Why Did Porsche Move On From Air-Cooled Engines?

The Reason For Leaving Behind a Fan-Favorite With a history dating back to 1896, the air-cooled engine was the go-to engine design for much of the mid-to-late 90s. Unlike water-cooled engines that were closed circuit and carried liquid coolant throughout the system, air-cooled engines released any heat generated into the air. It was also the […]

How Often Should You Take Your Imported Vehicle in For Service?

Both foreign and domestic vehicles have many of the same standards when it comes to regular service maintenance. However, foreign vehicles tend to be a lot less forgiving with the timelines than domestic cars do. If you decide to neglect your regular maintenance on your foreign vehicle you will likely end up with costly repairs […]

Why Everyone Needs a BMW

BMW’s are a luxury vehicle manufacturer known for their ability to produce high-endvehicles that are as luxurious as they are functional. BMW first became an automobilemanufacturer in 1928 and has only perfected it more each year. You will quickly notice thedifference yourself by just taking a simple test drive. Regardless of what vehicle you own, […]

What is Mercedes A and B Service?

What is Mercedes A and B Service? It’s a beautiful feeling to own a Mercedes-Benz, but maintaining it is critical to preserving its performance and extending the life of your vehicle. However, there are two types of recommended maintenance services to consider when owning a Mercedes. As such, we wanted to provide you with information […]

Audi Recalls You Should Be Aware Of

All vehicle owners should be made aware of any recalls that may have occurred and be on the lookout for any that may occur in the future. Recalls are bound to happen with any vehicle. This past year alone Audi has announced 4 specific recalls to a variety of their vehicles. If you are an […]

Why you should make sure to drive your car every 2-3 weeks

It has been almost a year since the pandemic took hold of the world. Outings to restaurants became non-existent, children began to do school from home, and an overwhelming number of adults also began to telecommute to work. This lack of commuting has caused many car owners to not drive around their cars for weeks […]

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