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Winter Car Preparedness: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Of all the seasons, it’s winter that can cause the most damage for cars. Sure spring and fall bring with them high winds and rain, but winter can bring with it conditions that are nearly hellish and that can damage cars and endanger lives. With this in mind, here are five basic tips for preparing […]

Why should I Replace a Torn CV Boot?

Without axles, cars won’t accelerate. Axles transfer power from the transmission to the wheels. CV joints are a part of the axle that attach to the wheel. They are essential for transferring the torque from the transmission to the drive wheels at a stable speed. In front-wheel drive cars, CV joints transfer the torque to […]

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts: What are the Main Differences?

When it’s time for motorists to have their car repaired, they face a choice between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vs. aftermarket parts. While aftermarket parts are often cheaper than OEM parts, drivers who are particular about their vehicle know that price isn’t the only consideration when it comes purchasing auto parts. After all, getting the […]