The choice of a repair shop is probably the most important decision you will make regarding your car. This is true no matter what make or model you own. However, if you own a luxury or import car you will really want to be discriminating in your choice of a facility. One of the ways to narrow down which shop you will use is to quiz the mechanics at the shop you are considering. Toward that double goal, we have developed 5 questions to ask a repair shop you are considering using or are already using.

Do you work on my car make and model?

Nearly any mechanic can work on certain makes and models. However, when it comes to import and luxury vehicles this is not necessarily the case. If you have a German-made car, for instance, mechanics may need specialized knowledge and tools in order to help service/repair your vehicle.

Are your employees ASE-certified?

Any mechanic worth his or her salt will have certification from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). This organization has been working to ensure the qualification of automotive professionals for three decades. Make sure that your mechanic is ASE-certified before seriously considering placing your car in his/her care.

Do you offer a warranty on your parts and services?

Any reputable mechanic should stand behind his/her work. If he/she does not then it is time to scratch that facility off your list.

Does your shop give written estimates?

You will want to avoid financial surprises especially if your car is a luxury or import vehicle. Make sure that the shop owner agrees to give you a detailed list of what needs to be done or has been done as well as the costs for all parts and services.

Will I be able to choose what car parts are used for the repair? 

There are various kinds of parts that can be used to fix a car. Ask your mechanic which parts will best suit your vehicle and ask if you have a choice as to which part he/she will use. For example, a mechanic might suggest that you use parts made by the original manufacturer (OEM) or that you use an aftermarket part.

In short, take great care in selecting who will be servicing your car since it is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. After all, your car represents a major investment of time and money. We can inspect your vehicle to make sure the major components of it are functioning properly and safely and so that the investment that your car represents will pay off for years to come. We also conduct Volkswagen repair service as well as service on a number of high-end vehicles. So if you are asking yourself “where can I find a BMW mechanic shop near me,” we are here.