Is the check engine light on in your Audi and you are thinking what could be wrong with the car? The most typical problem that Audi drivers experience is the check engine light turning on. This little light can mean many things, but one of them is an engine misfire. Let us explain what an engine misfire is and how you can solve the issue to ensure your Audi is performing optimally.

What is an Engine Misfire?

An Audi engine misfire is a situation whereby one or more cylinders fail to ignite in the correct manner. Your engine has a number of cylinders and each of them is very important to transform the fuel into power. If a cylinder is misfiring, that means that particular cylinder is not generating power as it should, and this causes the engine to sound rough, perform poorly, and be less fuel efficient.

Causes of Engine Misfire

  • Faulty Spark Plugs: Spark plugs can become worn or damaged and they will not be able to spark as they are required to. This results in a partial combustion of fuel and engine knocks or misfires. One of the regular maintenance checks that must be done is to check and replace the spark plugs.
  • Bad Ignition Coils: When an ignition coil is bad, it will not be able to deliver the right voltage to the spark plug and this can cause misfires. Check ignition coils for signs of wear and if the signs are evident, change the coils so that they operate as they should.
  • Fuel System Problems: Issues like blockage of fuel injectors, a dirty fuel filter, or a defective fuel pump will limit the supply of fuel to the cylinder. Without the correct proportion of the fuel and air mixture, the engine cannot ignite as it is supposed to do. Always ensure the fuel system is clean and any fault on the fuel system components is repaired immediately.

How does an engine misfire cause a check engine light?

The check engine light in your Audi is an essential light that lets you know that there is a problem with the engine or other connected systems. If an engine misfire happens, the check engine light turns on as a sign. Let’s see how an engine misfire causes the check engine light to turn on.

The engine control unit also known as ECU or the car’s computer constantly checks on various sensors and parts of the engine to make sure the engine is running efficiently. When a cylinder is not firing correctly, it can throw the entire engine function off balance. There are so many sensors involved in monitoring the performance of each cylinder, for instance, the crankshaft position sensor, camshaft sensor, and oxygen sensors, among others. These sensors are capable of detecting any abnormality in the firing process. For example, the crankshaft position sensor might observe that the crankshaft rotates at a certain speed while the oxygen sensor may see that the exhaust contains unburned fuel.

This misfire issue is spotted through the use of data collected by these sensors in the ECU. A cylinder is determined to be misfiring when the sensor inputs tell the ECU so. If the ECU recognizes that a misfire has occurred, it stores a specific Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) that is related to the misfire. Every DTC is specific to a problem and allows for the determination of the type and location of the issue. For instance, the code P0301 points to a misfire in cylinder 1 while P0302 points to a misfire in cylinder 2, etc.

Upon setting the DTC, the ECU is able to turn the CHECK ENGINE lamp on the car’s dashboard. This is a sign for the driver that there is a problem that needs a solution. The check engine light can blink or stay illuminated. A blinking check engine light may point to a severe misfire that may cause damage to the catalytic converter while a steady light may point to a less severe problem which also needs to be diagnosed and corrected.

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