Despite the Volkswagen emissions scandal that has placed the future of diesel acceptance in jeopardy, many American still prefer diesel engines over gasoline engines. In fact, as of 2016 there were more than 8 million diesel engine vehicles in the U.S. This is because many drivers find that diesel engines produce more torque, better fuel economy, and easier maintenance to mention just a few of their attributes. Let’s look at these and some of the other benefits of owning a diesel vehicle.

  • Better fuel economy: On average, diesel engines are far more fuel efficient than gasoline vehicles. This is because they generate more power from less fuel. They are able to do this due to their higher compression rating. Additionally, turbochargers can increase fuel economy even more.
  • Diesel engines produce more energy than gasoline engines do: With greater torque drivers are better able to carry heavy loads such as trailers, campers, etc than they you would otherwise be able to do. This extra power is especially important for people who use their diesel vehicle for heavy hauling.
  • Good resale value: Diesel engines have excellent resell value since they are extremely durable. This makes them an excellent investment.
  • Diesel fuel is safer than gasoline: Gasoline is much more volatile and much more explosive than diesel fuel. Moreover, diesel fuel does not release as many dangerous fumes as gasoline does. Therefore, the possibility of fire, being overcome by fumes or explosions is fair less with diesel fuel.
  • Engine durability: Diesel engines tend to be more durable, as they are made like an industrial engine that is designed for heavy use.
  • Highly efficient: Diesel engines use a compression-ignition system that is much more efficient than gasoline engines. Because of this compression-ignition system, diesel engines produce more energy and require less fuel at the same time. This increases the distance drivers can travel on the same amount of gas as would be used by a standard gasoline engine.

With the six benefits of diesel above, it’s easy to see why diesel engines are your best choice. Not only are they safer and more efficient, they are reliable and powerful. Go out and experience one for yourself. While you’re on our site, check out some of our used Volkswagens that have diesel engines. Our Audi service center in Michigan can repair a variety of luxury cars such as BMWs, Audis, and Volkswagens. Our import car service center in Michigan also sells pre-owned luxury vehicles.