About Autohaus…

Gerald Drouillard is the owner, manager and car salesman. He founded Birmingham Autohaus in 1970, which was a Gulf gas station and VW repair, located on Woodward next to Hunter House in Birmingham, Michigan.

Jerry began his career/passion for German cars while in college. He worked as a mechanic while obtaining a Bachelors Degree in business. Over the years, he became a Bosch Certified Master Technician.

The business thrived from the beginning, as the word of Jerry’s integrity and knowledge spread. Later, the business moved to Maple and Adams, as a Union 76 gas station with German car repair service (and Avis car rental). Then in the 80’s the business moved again to Clawson on 14 mile, right next to the Burger King, as a parts store and German car repair. In 1984, the business moved to its current location.

A great deal of our customers have been around since the beginning and we have had the opportunity to get to know so many people in the area as friends as well as customers.

Jerry has served as the local chapter president of the Michigan Independent Automobile Dealers Association. Currently, he is serving as president of the Michigan Chapter of the MIADA. http://www.miada.org/

Autohaus is a family owned, small local business.


Here is what some of our customers have to say about us:

Laurel E., Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI gives us 4 stars!

I hate buying cars so much that I basically go in to denial about it. This means that when I went to Autohaus just (I thought) to test-drive a couple cars, I hadn’t done my homework as far as researching the car I ended up buying that day, nor for what I wanted to get for my car. Considering that, Gerry was really pretty decent in dealing with me.

I ended up buying a 2005 Audi Avant Quattro on the condition that I be able to have my mechanic in Ann Arbor check it out. Long story short, my mechanic did find a couple things that needed to be fixed, and Gerry stood by his word and fixed them for free.

I have had the car for almost a year now, and it has run beautifully. I haven’t had a single issue, save a hood strut that needed to be replaced ($60). If and when I’m in the market for another car, I will definitely be visiting Autohaus again!

“I have purchased 4 cars from Autohaus, one from the lot and three that were acquired for me from auctions, meeting my specs.  They have also serviced these cars, as well as another import car.  They have been honest, timely, spot-on re: their estimates and I have been confident in their repairs.  Yes, they DO find other things sometimes when a car goes in for service, but I would rather have this than a mechanic who approaches an issue with blinders on, ignoring other issues that could cost more to fix later if allowed to continue -or issues that could be dangerous.  I have no complaints.

One other story that I feel I must tell is that I had an extended warranty on one of my vehicles and the warranty company failed.  Despite the failure of the warranty company, Autohaus (who sold me the warranty) did all warranted service for half price for the remainder of the warranty period.  They were not this national warranty company, and had no obligation, but felt that they sold it, and they would stand behind it as much as possible.  That made me a customer for life!

One other thing that you must understand: if you are buying a luxury/perfomance import, it ain’t a Chevy Impala!  Parts and labor will cost more, and it will generally require more service.  Autohaus is markedly cheaper than the dealer for most service.  In some cases, they were nearly half the price of the dealer.  These cars must be maintained regularly and, if this is done, they will last.  My current “daily driver” has 179,000 miles on it and is still running strong.  My wife’s last Audi was traded in at Autohaus with 188,000 miles on it -and it looked and ran like new.

Thinking about getting another Audi now -and checking the lot at Autohaus for something interesting!”  –Michael N., Warren


“Purchased a tdi jetta from jerry. Long story but he was a man of his word and very honest. Will purchase from again. Also had timing belt done. Repair work is good but a bit pricey. would definitely recommen.”   –Joe M.


“Honest, Dependable, Knowledgable My family has been going to Autohaus for 20 years. They do great work on the repairs at very fair prices. I’d rather go to them than any dealership and they are cheaper. We’ve bought all of our cars from them, also. So fair and well priced that I’d buy a car over the phone – sight unseen. I trust nobody more with cars. ” –DQ


Autohaus was wonderful to work with. I came from a neighboring state and they worked with me to schedule time for me to view and purchase the car.
I had my mechanic look at the car. EVERYTHING that Autohaus discribed was exact.
I would buy from them again and refer anyone to them.”   –Jean R., Bryan


My first memory of service at Autohaus was getting some work done on my mother’s 73 VW Beetle. That has to have been over 30 years ago. I have always been very satisfied with their work. I have also purchased a few cars from Autohaus with very good results. I have recommened Autohaus to a number of my friends.”   –Bob B., Metamora


August 19, 2005

Dear Jerry & Mark; I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the Pleasant experience I had purchasing the Hyundai Santa Fe from you. There is a wholesome atmosphere and I feel I was treated with consideration and honesty. Thanks again. You guys ROCK


Darlene M.



Mr. Drouillard,

I want to complement you and Autohaus on how you handled my recent purchase of a 2001 Audi Allroad. Given the distance I had to travel, this could easily have been a difficult transaction. Your willingness to work with me to effect inspection of the vehicle, provide information electronically, work out the price and payment over the phone, and finally effect final purchase late on a weekend on short notice at no small inconvenience to yourself and your staff, made the entire transaction quite smooth.

Your willingness to work with me on after-sale service was exemplary. As with any vehicle purchase, there were some things discovered after the sale. I was impressed with your willingness to work with me to resolve the problems in spite of the impracticality of my bringing the car to you for service (as specified in the warranty terms.) I am now confident that the problems with the car have been taken car of, and feel you have made a fair and equitable alternate arrangement in lieu of the normal warranty.

I again thank you, and would be happy to serve as a reference to other out-of-area buyers. I would certainly be willing to deal with you in the future.


January 3, 2005

Dear Jerry,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent treatment you gave me last Friday. Here I was at your office at 10:00 am on New Year’s Eve, you weren’t even open, and Bob the mechanic was there working on his own car. You could have easily sent me on my way, instead you took the time to look at my car, Bob quickly found what was wrong and fixed it, and you had me in and out of there in no time. To top it off, the bulk of the charges were covered under the extended warranty I purchased with the vehicle.

I can’t tell you how much better it made my entire Holiday weekend to have my car running great. The level of service and overall attitude I have encountered with everyone at Autohaus makes me glad that I bought my Audi there and I will continue to have it serviced at Autohaus as well.