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Do You Have Steering Issues?

Steering Issues?

We’ll Get Your Porsche On the Straight and Narrow

Steering Problems All Porsche Drivers Should Know About

For almost a century, drivers have fallen in love with Porsche’s high-performance vehicles. But while these luxury vehicles offer supreme power and opulent comfort, they can still suffer from wear and tear. All Porsche drivers need to be aware of one potential problem, however: steering issues. If you cannot control your car, it can dramatically increase your risk of an accident on the road. That’s why the Porsche repair specialists at Autohaus Service & Sales in Royal Oak, Michigan, are here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about Porsche steering issues.

How Does the Steering System Work?

Today’s Porsche cars are outfitted with a power steering system that provides hydraulic and electrical power. This helps you to operate the car’s steering wheel. Before we can dive into steering system problems, you need to understand how this crucial system works.

The system uses power steering fluid to create pressure against the wheels, forcing them to go in the direction of whichever way you turn the steering wheel. If your steering system has an issue, you won’t be able to control your car efficiently.

Common Porsche Steering Problems

Some of the most common steering issues in Porsches we see at our auto repair shop include:

  • Shaking or vibrating steering wheel
  • Difficulty turning the steering wheel
  • Tracking or drifting issues
  • Grinding noises when operating the steering wheel

If your Porsche has any of these issues, call the German import car care specialists at Autohaus Service & Sales today.

Common Causes of Steering Problems

Some of the most common culprits behind steering wheel problems in luxury vehicles include:

  • Low levels of power steering fluid
  • Worn-out power steering belt
  • Damaged steering rack

Whatever the cause is for your Porsche’s steering wheel problem, you need to get it repaired right away in order to stay safe on the road.

Royal Oak’s Trusted Porsche Repair Technicians

Call the certified mechanics at Autohaus Service & Sales in Royal Oak, Michigan, today if your Porsche has steering issues. We have been the trusted source for luxury import auto repair and maintenance services since 1970. To book your appointment, call 248-549-3636 now.

Written by Autohaus