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Five signs of Electrical Problems in an Audi

Audi vehicles are among the most durable, luxurious, and efficient cars on the road today. However, over the years, Audis have been known to develop a few common electrical problems. And since electrical problems in any type of car can be tricky to diagnose, we present you with this list of 5 signs that your late model Audi may be experiencing an electrical problem. We’ll also discuss how they can be dealt with.

  • Power window won’t go up or down: This is one of the most common electrical issues with many cars that have power windows. Usually, when this happens, the door on the driver’s side goes out first, proceeded by the other windows going out over time. The cause of this is a defective power window regulator, window motor, window switch, or other issues. The solution here is relatively simple – have the power window issue diagnosed, and the proper parts within the door panel replaced. For this repair, you should seek out a professional.
  • The engine won’t crank properly: All car engines require electricity in order to start. If your Audi is not cranking properly, it could indicate problems with your battery, starter, alternator, or other starting and charging system failure. If this does happen, bring it to us and let us check it right away. We have Audi specialists who can perform Audi independent service on your vehicle, from maintenance to more extensive repairs.
  • Center console spill: In newer Audis, the MMI, or Multi-Media Interface, the unit is located under the cup holder and controls the radio, navigation, and other systems. This means that it is susceptible to spills, which can short out the unit. If this does happen, you will likely need a professional mechanic to replace the entire MMI control board.
  • Headlights and other lights not working properly: Obviously, your car’s lights are among the most important parts of your car that require electricity. Properly functioning lights are required to indicate turns to indicate when you are breaking, and they also help illuminate the cab of your car. If your Audi is experiencing an electrical issue, then you will notice that various lights are beginning to dim. Various electrical issues can cause these symptoms, so they will need to be diagnosed to locate the source of malfunction.
  • Water collected in the footwell or trunk of your car: This is typically indicative of cowl drain blockage. Cleaning out the cowl drains, which are drains that allow water to move away from the hood, windshield, sunroof, and trunk seals is a necessary part of maintenance on most Audis and Volkswagens to avoid clogs that can cause flooding inside the vehicle. If this does occur, then the electrical system and control modules that are located in these areas can be damaged. Following your factory recommended maintenance schedule is the best solution to avoid these costly repairs.

Audi has long been known to be one of the most efficient and advanced cars ever to have been produced. However, like all cars, they can develop issues with their electrical system. If it does, know that we have experts trained to address all these issues. We also excel in the Volkswagen repair service and in the servicing of several other import car models.

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