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Hit a pothole lately? Get it checked out today!

Have peace of mind with our limited time safety inspection special to check for suspension issues, as well as overall safety issues. We are also offering a coupon good for any service or repair.

When you drive through potholes, it does more than damage tires. The metal wheels can be bent or damaged, wheel alignment can be affected and suspension/steering parts may break or be worn to the point of needing to be replaced. When your wheels are out of alignment, this leads to uneven tire wear and is a safety concern. Broken or damaged steering and suspension components can affect your ability to steer the vehicle properly and even inhibit your ability to stop the vehicle. You may experience obvious signs that something is wrong with your car, but in some cases, the signs may be less noticeable.

$10.00 OFF Full one hour Safety Inspection
  • Visually inspect suspension, steering, brakes, hoses, belts, scan warning lights and more 
FREE safety inspection with any repair or maintenance service!
$20.00 off $200 or more
$50.00 off $500 or more*

Call today to schedule an appointment: 248-549-3636

*Cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present coupon in paper form or digitally on cell phone. Coupons not applicable for customer supplied part jobs. Free inspection is valid only if the repairs are performed at the time the inspection is given. Expires 3/30/18. Other restrictions may apply.

Written by Autohaus