Your safety is important to us.

We want to make sure your vehicle is prepared for your holiday travels, so we are offering the following discounts on repairs and maintenance!

$15 off vehicle service of $100 – $249
$25 off vehicle service of $250 – $499
$50 off vehicle service of $500 – $749
$75 off vehicle service of $750 or more  (expires 12/29/18, restrictions apply, not valid with any other coupons or offers)

A few tips to consider before traveling:

Check Tire Pressure Tire pressures fluctuate as temperatures
change. Tires that are over- or under-inflated, worn in spots or not
aligned properly can be dangerous, especially at highway speeds.

Check Fluid Levels We would be happy to check all fluid levels for your
car. Proper fluid levels will ensure your vehicle will not overheat or
cause other problems that can ruin your trip.

Don’t Put Water In Your Radiator A popular misconception is that it is
OK to put water in your radiator if it needs fluid in the heat. This can
cause your radiator to be vulnerable when winter arrives. Use only
proper radiator fluid or antifreeze in your vehicle year round.

Change Your Oil Regularly Clean oil means a better-performing engine
that will last for years and protect your investment.

Check Your Battery Keep your battery clean and correctly filled with
fluids for best results. A dead battery when you are miles from home is
something you do not want while you are traveling.

Don’t Forget Windshield Wipers Worn wipers do not sweep clean, and
this can cause vision problems if you’re traveling in the rain. The heat of
the summer could have made them dry and brittle. Check them out and
replace them if necessary before your trip.

Don’t Neglect Your Air Filter Depending on driving conditions, air
filters can get dirty sooner than expected and reduce fuel efficiency
significantly. Be sure to have your air filter checked whenever you
change your oil and replace it as needed.

Check Your Interior Heat Output If your heat is weak or cool, your
heater core may be blocked or restricted. The interior heat in your car is

affected because the hot coolant cannot flow properly through the
system. This can happen when the wrong coolant is added to your

Following these car care tips will help to ensure your holiday travels are safe, pleasant and relaxing.

Please call us to schedule an appointment to get your car travel ready
(248) 971-7789.

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