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Vacuum Door Lock Failure

Have a Faulty Vacuum Door Lock?

Trust Your Luxury Car to Our Mercedes Repair Experts

Understanding Mercedes Vacuum Door Lock Failure

Mercedes cars are exceptional luxury vehicles. However, like any other state-of-the-art model, Mercedes cars can experience their own fair share of potential problems, including vacuum door lock failure. So, how can you identify this issue, and what can be done to remediate it? The Mercedes repair specialists at Autohaus Service & Sales in Royal Oak, Michigan are here to explain.

What Are Mercedes Vacuum Door Locks?

Vacuum door locks are an innovative feature that was originally designed for Mercedes vehicles. Rather than turning a gear inside the lock, an actuator will force air through tiny tubes. This pioneering vacuum-based technology enables the car to lock all of its doors at once.

Vacuum door locks serve two main purposes. Firstly, it is a protective feature to safeguard all occupants against unwanted intruders. Secondly, it offers added convenience and peace of mind for drivers parking and leaving their vehicles unattended.

Are My Vacuum Door Locks Failing?

If the vacuum door locks on your Mercedes Benz are failing, you might notice the following symptoms:

  • Strange sounds coming from inside the door
  • Issues with locking the doors

Some of the most common causes for vacuum door lock failures include:

  • Pump failure
  • Age
  • Damaged actuators
  • Faulty wiring

If you think your luxury car has a problem with its vacuum door locks, it’s best that you take it to a Mercedes service center to be inspected. If your doors aren’t locking properly, thieves could break into your Mercedes. Worst of all, criminals could be able to gain access to your car when you’re still inside.

Quality Mercedes Repair Services in Royal Oak

If the vacuum door locks on your Mercedes aren’t operating correctly, call the Mercedes repair specialists at Autohaus Service & Sales in Royal Oak, Michigan, today. We are the area’s premier German import repair experts and offer quality services for luxury import vehicles, including Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, and more.

To schedule your appointment, contact us today at 248-549-3636. We’ll get your vacuum door locks repaired in no time. Call us to learn more.

Written by Autohaus