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What is Mercedes A and B Service?

What is Mercedes A and B Service?

It’s a beautiful feeling to own a Mercedes-Benz, but maintaining it is critical to preserving its performance and extending the life of your vehicle. However, there are two types of recommended maintenance services to consider when owning a Mercedes. As such, we wanted to provide you with information on each type of service we offer to help you when you call to schedule a professional Mercedes service team to inspect your luxury vehicle.

Stop by Autohaus today if your luxury Mercedes needs to be inspected by a professional Mercedes service team. Our certified mechanics are ready to assist you with all of your luxury vehicle repair needs, and we’re conveniently located in Royal Oak, Michigan, for all of your needs.

The Two Types of Mercedes Service Repair

Mercedes vehicle is a sophisticated vehicle that necessitates regular maintenance to ensure it continues to perform as it was manufactured. Regular Mercedes service appointments with a trusted service center are one of the best ways to improve your vehicle’s performance.

What Is Mercedes A Service?

Mercedes A Service is recommended every 10,000 miles or within the first year of purchasing the vehicle. While this service’s exact timing depends on your vehicle’s model and your driving habits, the good news is that the Flexible Service System will notify you when it’s time to be serviced.

The following is a list of services that you can expect during a Mercedes A service appointment:

  • Synthetic Motor Oil Change
  • Replacement of Oil Filter
  • Fluid Level Inspection and Adjustment
  • Tire Inspection and Adjustment
  • Brake Inspection and Adjustment
  • Maintenance Counter Reset

What Is Mercedes B Service?

Mercedes B service is recommended every 20,000 miles, or once a year for Mercedes vehicles. Similar to Mercedes A service, the timeframe in which your Mercedes vehicle will require Mercedes B service is primarily determined by how frequently and how far you travel.

Here’s a list of what a Mercedes B service appointment typically entails:

  • All items of Mercedes A service
  • Throttle Linkage Inspection and Lubrication
  • Lamp Inspection
  • Parking Brake Inspection
  • Joint Inspection
  • Boot Inspection
  • Poly-V Inspection
  • Windshield Washer System Check
  • Seatbelt and Backrest check
  • Steering System Inspection
  • Dust Filter Inspection
  • Certified Mercedes Service You Can Rely On

    We know how important it is to maintain your Mercedes vehicle’s overall health and performance, which is why we devote our services to providing the best Mercedes service in Royal Oak, Michigan. Make an appointment with us at Autohaus today if your Mercedes vehicle is due for a service or inspection and allow one of our certified mechanics to perform a thorough inspection on your luxury vehicle.

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