It has been almost a year since the pandemic took hold of the world. Outings to restaurants became non-existent, children began to do school from home, and an overwhelming number of adults also began to telecommute to work. This lack of commuting has caused many car owners to not drive around their cars for weeks if not months at a time. Here are a few reasons why you should make sure to drive your car every few weeks.


Animals find a new home- Little critters will take up residency in any space they find, including under the hood of your vehicle. Not only is this a concern for the animals but they can also do serious damage to the delicate structure of your car. A chewed wire or two can cause major problems that could be costly to repair.


Tire damage- When your car is just sitting, the weight of the car is still pressing down on the tires. This can cause a flat spot in your tire which could potentially be resolved when you drive again but it isn’t worth the risk.


The brakes- Brake rotors are most commonly made of steel which is susceptible to rust, especially if the vehicle is outside. This is a relatively easy fix but the rest of your brakes may not be so lucky. When you drive, everything works together to stay lubricated, helping to keep you safe on the road.


Your car battery- Even when not in use, your car battery is still slowly draining. Driving your car recharges the battery but just leaving it idling is not good for the car and is also a waste of gas. You are already saving on gas by not needing to drive for miles a day so just take it for a spin, to get the battery going. If the battery goes dead, your car just won’t start when you need it.


We hope this has given you more insight into the importance of driving your vehicle around, even if it is just for a few miles. Taking care of your import car starts with working with the right import car repair center. We are a BOSCH certified repair center and also an Audi service center in Michigan.